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Lion cloud system was built with Life Insurance and Financial Planners need at the fore front. We know what it's like to operate within an Insurance Marketing organization and know what it takes to succeed as a new broker. We have developed these systems with prospecting and recruiting in mind. The TSAVO Group looks forward to helping you!

The power of a solid team

Get back in touch with prospects who are about to leave the pipeline before they drop off - Use the robust marketing automation features to get the right message to the right person at the right time - Automate contact management and streamline your daily work - Keep up with the latest sales prospecting trends and strategies, because we're constantly innovating, we have brought together the best minds in Website design, Funnel building, Chat widgets, social media growth & management, SEO, PR Campaigns and AD campaigns.

It's a game of numbers

Lion cloud was based out of necessity, we were running a small financial marketing organization and although we would put in massive front end work we wouldn't see the results we wanted, our agents would get disappointed, and as soon to be brokers we had to develop a system aligned with but outside of our parent company's systems. We knew we had to take some of these strategies and automate them. We needed a way to track our digital presentation/webinar guests, confirm attendance, send SMS/email reminders, and add to a google sheet. when we asked several prominent brokers in our company we found they(or their BSC/Assistant) were spending an average of 4-5 Minutes per guest, broken down into smaller minute tasks that must be timed as to not miss the meeting or presentation.

you run a professional business, act like it!

As consultants and efficiency experts, we had to find a solution... So, we at TSAVO Enterprises teamed up with leading developers to set some parameters and absolute needs, then we got to work developing it from the ground up for our own needs. Our Journey into the digital marketing world is one that was necessary, we found and piecemealed together the best solutions in digital marketing. We realized we were getting results but our system was far too complicated for anyone to really use. We knew at this point we had to bring these multiple systems of communication and scheduling into one platform, this is when the TSAVO Group was created.

running an effective captains system

In our first case study we invited 43 guests to our Business Overview Meeting, 23 (53%) showed and 9(20%) either came on board or did business with us, we increased show and close rates by almost 100% while also saving this broker almost 4 hours of working time.


The beauty is that this is now an automated process allowing this broker to get back a minimum of 12 hours a week, and that's not even talking about follow-up! Yes, in business, sales, and entrepreneurship we know success leaves clues and the biggest clues successful professionals are leaving is that "fortune is in the follow-up".

In the past you or your team has a prospect, you run them through your captain/appointment system, send them a message the day before, maybe call them the day of and if you remember, send them a zoom link right before. And in the chance they don't show after the first meeting you might remember to reach out 1-2 times and never call them again...

The new way? A prospect is booked into your system, sent a text and email reminder for your meeting 1 week, 1 day, and 30 minutes before, if your prospect does not show or cancels, now we send a weekly email to follow up with All of our prospects. We consistently get "appointment booked" notices from people who said yes to a webinar 3 months ago, didn't show up, but got emailed weekly. You didn't have to send those follow-ups yourself, in fact, the only thing you need to do is show up. What started as a necessity has fueled a much bigger mission, which is to stop the frustration, make life easier for all types of independent marketers and making these tools available to everyone!

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Connecting with users across various platforms has never been easier! The developers here at TSAVO have put together a robust and well thought out system encompassing Email, SMS/Text, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and even Google My Business Messaging. Keep track of where your leads are coming from and where they are in your pipeline.


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